Here Comes The Boom!

Hello Peeps! So i got selected in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. This August, I’d be flying to Brazil as an exchange student and live there for a year immersing myself in Brazilian language and culture. With this blog, i am planning to write and share everything i can regarding this very exciting chapter of my life. Besides, it’s a good past time to battle my 4 and a half long summer vacation here in the Philippines since our school year 2016-2017 closed in the last week of March.

I already have plentiful of information regarding my great Amazon to my Northeast Dream Trip adventure. I know about my host district and the city i’d live in, the school i’d be attending, met my first and second host family through the virtual world (who i am very excited to meet in person already!!), and talked to my district’s co-chairman where i learned quite a few of my activities i’d be participating with together with the other inbounds of the same district.

That’s all for now, writing you some more soon!


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