Send Off Party

Hello again folks! So right now I am just waiting for my guarantee form to arrive because it contains some of the important details about my exchange in Brazil like the date I should arrive there and other things that personally excites me like my host rotary club and my monthly allowance of course Hahhah but yeah, it’s the truth!

Story Time:

Last May 26, i attended a send off party for the 6 lovely exchange students here in my district. There were 2 from Spain, 1 each from Canada, France, Brazil and Switzerland which are all girls btw. And after i heard that the two guys from France didn’t stick it out to the finale and demanded to go home early for reasons like falling ill and the second wasn’t much happy with how things turned out for him. These are some of the set backs you don’t actually wanna hear because it makes you afraid of what you are about to partake. Honestly, there just comes a time when you overthink things, re-evaluate whether you made the right choice, and lastly, question yourself on how the effin’ F you got in this exchange in the first place because once you are getting much closer it just gets much scary and scarier (more than seeing my own selfies, so just imagine how horrifying that is), but there comes a time too when you just get so bored and can’t wait for the exchange thing to really happen, especially when your district or host family or fellow exchange message and contact you, so it’s much of a rollercoaster situation actually.

This is getting long and really boring buuuuutttttttttttttttttttt…

Sharing Time:

This Rotary Exchange Year, there will only be 3 of us outbounds. The two other girls, Zainnah (left) and Marielle (right) will be going to France. Marielle is more of like a party saver, as NOT expected, the party is kinda awkward with my not so outgoing personality, but i promise, I tried my hardest, some things just don’t work all the time. Marielle and I are actually from the same city and kind of have known each other for a long time, so it’s good that I have already someone to talk to throughout the whole party.


I just stole this photo but heyyy it’s the 3 of us!


For the inbounds, there will only be two of them since the other outbound doesn’t have any counterpart. (sad, I know, but at least they will be in the same city and school) So it’s a French girl that i don’t know and a Brazilian boy who is my host brother actually. I dont think i will get a chance to meet him tho since we will be flying to our destination on the same date (from what i’ve heard only) but really wish to meet him, i’ll update you with that soon when we figure it out already.

Congratulations if you reached this far because i am not getting so motivated to write so who knows, maybe this would be the last?? —— ha! You wish. Get ready for another long and boring blog about my upcoming district-i-dont-know-the-event but i think we’ll cook so thumbs down! (because i dont cook) and thumbs up because i have another thing to write about.


Soon again,



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